Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What a weekend!

This was such a busy weekend. We celebrated Logan's 6th birthday on Saturday. He is such an angel. With Rob at work I spent most of my day on Saturday prepping for the party and caring for the kids. I was putting the finishing touches on something and Logan looks up from his playing and said, "Thank you momma" I asked him "For what?" and then he replied, "For all of this. the party." I was blown away. What a sweet boy. For all I worry about what we are doing wrong, we must at least be doing something right.

Sunday was the first flag football game. I am the assistant coach...never in a million year would I have thought I could do this but here I am! It is so fun! I was so proud of those little guys. Logan was so great! I think he is really starting to understand the game!

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