Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More fun...

This time of the year is always tough. I find myself wishing more than ever that I could stay home with the boys. I feel homesick when I am at work. :) Of course there are days when going to work saves my sanity, but overall I wish I was home.
Logan had a taste of deer hunting on Saturday night. Cailin tried but she was turned off by just sitting there I think. Logan tells me he and his dad heard a deer nearby when they were leaving the coop. But they never actually saw a deer. Bummer. I can't imagine what would have transpired if they had seen one! He was really excited about going hunting though! Too cute. He is his Grandpa's little buddy for sure!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The end of a season....

The football season is finally over. I had so much fun as Logan's coach and would definitely do it again, but I have to admit I am glad we are done. No more Sunday afternoons monopolized by somewhere we HAVE to be. I treasure our Sundays we spend together as a family just kicking around the house. I sure am going to miss those boys though! Logan has me playing our two man version of flag football in the back yard as often as we can. Hard to do lately now that the sun is going down earlier...that and this week it is just me and the kids. Rob is at my folks house hunting for the week. So far all has gone well, of course it is only Weds! I met with Logan's teacher yesterday and we need to be working on his fine motor skills as he is having a hard time writing. He can do it but it is taking him longer than it should to write things out. Both the boys are at such fun ages. Logan is trying to read every word he sees and wants to read his books while I read mine so he can practice his reading. Zach is discovering new words every day...it is so fun to watch him master different words. He is just starting to recognize colors which I think is AWESOME! Such a smartie!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween 2008

It was great! Logan and Zach both had fun trick or treating. I thought Zach would be scared of the strangers and such but he had a ball. He would let go of my hand and take off across someone's yard as fast as he could to get to the candy! It was so cute! See below for a picture of his treat pail...He barely went down the whole block but he still raked in a good haul!
He went as Zorro this year....Logan quit letting me select his costume at age two so I figure this was my last year to dress Zach up.
Logan was Obi Wan this year. I made/modified both boys costumes....I think they turned out pretty cool if I do say so. And of course Pickle has to get into almost every shot. If she's not careful she will wind up wearing a costume next year! It was a perfect night. We had a bonfire in the drive way (portable fire pit....not a ghetto fire) and the neighbors came over for spiced cider. Perfect weather too!