Monday, June 1, 2009

Dirty Words...

Logan learned a new word this year as a first grader. Lets just say "B-hole" rather than spell it out. He has been in trouble enough times to know not to say it. But alas this seems to be a popular word among first graders. So he slipped a few weeks ago and called Zach a B-hole. Well, Zach, being his typical 2 year old self began repeating this beautiful word.
Finally I told Logan that if he said it again of if I heard Zach say it again, Logan would be the one getting his mouth washed out with soap.

Sure enough, I am checking out at the grocery store and Zach begins to chant b-hole b-hole b-hole. Thank goodness we are the only ones that can decipher it....for now.
Of course I caved and did not use soap on either boy.

However I think Logan did learn his lesson this morning. As they were eating breakfast, Logan was behaving like his usual grumpy morning self and Zach turned to him and said, "you a buh-ol, Lolo!" Hard not to laugh. And of course the more you tell a two year old not to say something the more they do it, right?

So all said and done, as we are leaving the house Logan turns to me and says, "Zach hurt my feelings when he called me a B-hole" And yep, I said it...I said, "well then you shouldn't be teaching him those bad words." HA! Yep, I am that mom.

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