Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The end of a season....

The football season is finally over. I had so much fun as Logan's coach and would definitely do it again, but I have to admit I am glad we are done. No more Sunday afternoons monopolized by somewhere we HAVE to be. I treasure our Sundays we spend together as a family just kicking around the house. I sure am going to miss those boys though! Logan has me playing our two man version of flag football in the back yard as often as we can. Hard to do lately now that the sun is going down earlier...that and this week it is just me and the kids. Rob is at my folks house hunting for the week. So far all has gone well, of course it is only Weds! I met with Logan's teacher yesterday and we need to be working on his fine motor skills as he is having a hard time writing. He can do it but it is taking him longer than it should to write things out. Both the boys are at such fun ages. Logan is trying to read every word he sees and wants to read his books while I read mine so he can practice his reading. Zach is discovering new words every is so fun to watch him master different words. He is just starting to recognize colors which I think is AWESOME! Such a smartie!

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