Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Countdown to FUN!

Still working out the kinks of being home. "What's the big deal?" you ask??? I dunno. I guess I just wonder if I am doing all that I could be doing for my kids my husband and our home. I often find myself worrying that I somehow fall short in this area. There really is no way to judge success by anything other than failure and by then, isn't it too late?? And I miss working. At least part of me does. I always said my career was what I did NOT who I was but maybe I was kidding myself. So much of what I did really defined me as a person.

But that said, I still LOVE being home. Helping Logan as he is struggling with school and being able to be there for all the little moments that shape him on a daily basis, nothing is better than that. AND I have the joy of spending the days with Zach, teaching him his ABC's and counting. It is so fun.

So, that leaves us with the adventure. :) Logan has been playing flag football again and loving it. He wants to play tackle next year. Not sure I am ready for that. His nickname is the Bus. Zachary decided yesterday that his nickname should be "Meat" So now I have my two boys, Meat & Bus. (Please insert eye roll here)

More to come I am sure. Getting ready for a summer of adventure!!

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