Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rollin with It

Well summer is winding down and I am not yet ready for Logan to return to school. I wish we were a bit more structured in the summer but otherwise it has been fun so far and really I only have myself to blame for that lack of structure. Been doing lots of "stay-cation" type trips and it is so fun to discover new places with the boys as well as visiting old favorites.

We have finally come to a turning point with all of the investigating into whether or not Logan has a learning disability and the good news is that not only does he not have one, according to the testing he has done this summer he is right where he needs to be as far as grade level and abilities. The tough part is that he is just over the threshhold for ADHA. He isn't that super hyper kid that you see in the classroom bouncing off the walls but he is lacking the ability to pay attention. And it just about broke my heart to listen to the therapist decribe the struggles she observed in him during her classroom visit in June. So the next step is the possibility of medication and also a support group our doctor offers for the kids. It will be good for him to understand he is not alone in these feelings. I have been against medication from the beginning, but at this point we have done everything physically possible to help him, we owe it to him to give this a try.

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