Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am my child's advocate.

I have some pretty great kids. For all of the craziness I know how lucky I am. As a parent I think we constantly worry about doing the right thing for our kids. I had a simple thought last night...there is no right or wrong way to do this. No one has the perfect answer and even those that seem like they do probably don't. I am my child's advocate, no one is going to do that for me and while some decisions come easier than others, even the toughest ones will work out in the end.

That said, we have been struggling to find the right mix to help Logan deal with his ADD. I have not said much about it, just processing a lot internally I guess. It took over a year to diagnose and now we are 8 months in, trying to find the right balance for treatment. I feel responsible for each little struggle he goes through and an amazing amount of pride for each hurdle he overcomes. What a different a year makes. He is doing so much better in school this year and I am so proud of him.

Looking at Zachary and wondering what life has in store for him too. He and Logan are such different individuals. I imagine Zach will find fun and excitement where ever he goes in life.

Much can be learned from a conversation we had this morning:
Zach: Mom, we're not going to live with you when we grow up.
Mom: Oh? where will you live?
Zach: Well, we will be superheros so we will have our own base.

Yes, yes you will bud.

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