Thursday, October 2, 2008

Horn Tootin' Time!

My little Zachary is so smart! Last night he was able to identify all of his body parts; head, cheeks, nose, eyes, arms, legs, fingers, feet, toes, etc! His vocabulary is also expanding by leaps and bounds. Baby, Pickle (name of our dog), Momma, Dad, blanket, Melmo (Elmo), please, thank you, and sissy to name a few! He says Logan but it sounds like GoGo. I am so proud of him! It is bittersweet how fast they grow. On the one hand I am so proud of his acheivements but sad because another phase in his life is left behind. I guess I feel that way for both boys to be honest. Logan turns six today and although there is so much that is exciting and new to come, I am a little sad that he will never again be my little 5 year old boy.

What a blessing they are.

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